About City of Ammon

Population: 15,252 (2016 Census estimate)

Elevation: 4,713 feet

Ammon is located in the Upper Snake River Valley. Its western boundary abuts the City of Idaho Falls. Foothills and mountains outline Ammon’s eastern and southern skies. The Caribou National Forest with its Blackfoot Mountain range begins ten miles to the south and its rugged Caribou Mountain Range lies 20 miles to the east.

Ammon is one of Idaho’s fastest growing cities. The City of Ammon’s growth rate from 2000 to 2010 was 123.3% based on the 2010 US Census and is the State of Idaho’s 17th largest City.

The City’s rapid growth is due to its availability of open space for affordable residential housing and the City’s hometown lifestyle, as well as its near proximity to the urban amenities and job market in Idaho Falls.

Amenities and Attractions

The City has nine parks totaling over 62 acres. The 18 acre McCowin Park is the City’s largest park. It has a swimming pool, splash pad, picnic shelter, playground equipment, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, walking path, and ball fields. The amenities of the other parks include shelters, playground equipment, Tot Park, facilities for athletics, and picnics.

Within an hour’s drive from the City, opportunities abound for boating, rafting, canoeing, hunting, fishing, camping, snow and water skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing.

Vision for the Future

On Friday, May 6th, 2011 the City lit the first 2.5 mile section of its new City-owned and operated fiber optic system and quietly took its first steps towards fulfilling a commitment made over 2 years ago to assure that broadband services in our community meet our needs, are competitive and provide the broadband access that our vision of the future will require.

The City fiber system is a local private network spanning numerous locations within the City.

The Ammon fiber system will be operated as an open access network for the benefit of the entire community. We expect the early beneficiaries of this ‘open’ policy commitment to be community anchor institutions, such as law enforcement, public safety, emergency responders, and our local schools.

We also anticipate being able to give Ammon residents, more choices in broadband services and providers and at better rates and much faster speeds than currently available through fiber technology.

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