Community Service Award Nominations

2018 Mayor’s Community Service Awards Nominations

The power of community service is the power to change the world. Not just because it improves communities, but also because it changes the lives of those who participate. At the City of Ammon, we would like to inspire others to act, and would like to recognize and celebrate those who make a difference in our community.

Do you know someone who is constantly serving the community? Beginning in 2018 we will be awarding our first annual Mayor’s Community Service Awards. The awards are intended to recognize those Ammon citizens, non-profits, businesses or organizations which make a difference within the City of Ammon. The following are the requirements for the award nominations:

    A. Eligibility: Any individual residing in Ammon, or non-profit, business or other organization operating in the City of Ammon is eligible for this award. City elected officials are not eligible.

    B. Deadline: The deadline for nominations is May 1, 2018.

    C. Other Criteria for Award:

         a. The nominee’s community service must have been done within the geographic boundaries of the City of Ammon, and

         b. The nominee must:

               i. Have demonstrated a sustained commitment to our community;

               ii. Have had a positive impact upon the direction and success of community projects, programs or individuals;

               iii. Have made significant contributions to the community through involvement by giving many hours of personal time; or

               iv.  Have inspired others to serve and acts as a role model to those around them.

   D.  Presentation: Five award recipients will be recognized at a reception held at the Ammon City Building later this year, at a time yet to be announced. One additional individual award recipient will be honored as the Ammon Citizen of the Year.

Please complete the NOMINATION FORM and return it no later than May 1, 2018

Please submit nomination forms to April Forrest at 2135 S. Ammon Rd., Ammon, ID 83406 or to For questions, please call 208-612-4016.