Fiber Optic Department

The Fiber Optic Department is responsible for the City-owned and operated fiber optic infrastructure. This system currently provides for the networking needs of the City. Excess system capacity of this open high-speed infrastructure is available to service providers, businesses, and residents as either physical or virtual infrastructure.

A 2014 survey of the original townsite residents revealed that over 60% liked the idea of installing municipal fiber in their neighborhood. Ammon fiber is offered to providers and subscribers as a virtual wire thereby allowing for multiple service choices on the same infrastructure. A brief explanation of the Ammon Model can be downloaded here.

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City of Ammon Fiber Optic Ordinance
City of Ammon Broadband Policy

The Fiber Optic Department is open by appointment Monday through Friday, excluding all federal holidays. The office is located on the east side of the C. Bruce Ard Operations Building at 3453 Ard Dr.


Phone: (208) 612-4054
Fax: (208) 612-4009


Technology Director: Bruce Patterson, (208) 612-4054 or
Systems/Network Administrator: Stephen Burke, (208) 612-4055 or

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The City of Ammon is a proud US Ignite Community Partner.

Phase 2 contestant in the National Institute of JusticeUlta-High Speed Apps ChallengeNews coverage of our challenge entry. 7 minute video explaining our application. 10/2014 news coverage10/2014 Post Register Article.

Awarded a National Science Foundation Grant in partnership with the University of Idaho which was used to develop and demonstrate a next generation emergency communications system. You can read an INL article about the project here.

2014 Post Register article.
2011 Community Broadband Networks article.
09/20/2017 City of Ammon, Idaho to Launch Fiber Utility Services Press Release

Next Century Cities is an organization in support of community leaders across the country as they seek to ensure that all have access to fast, affordable, and reliable Internet. The City of Ammon was invited to join as a founding member for its support of NCC’s six core principals. Mayor Dana Kirkham was featured at the 10/20/14 launch event in Santa Monica as part of a leadership panel interviewed by Susan Crawford.

A searchable database of telcos and municipalities deploying fiber is maintained here.