About the Mayor

Sean Coletti was raised in Northern Utah and Eastern Idaho.  He graduated from Rigby High School and attended Ricks College prior to serving as a missionary in Seoul, Korea for two years.  Afterward, he continued his education at Brigham Young University, where he received his Bachelors Degree in Political Science, and University of Connecticut Law School, all while serving in the Army National Guard as a counterintelligence agent and Korean linguist.

After school, Sean worked as a law clerk in Twin Falls and then American Samoa.  Professionally, he has worked as an attorney at a local law firm since 2007, which is also when he and his family moved to Ammon.  He currently serves as the Mayor of Ammon, after having served on the City Council for two terms.

Sean currently also serves on various community and state boards, including the Idaho Health Facilities Authority, the Eastern Idaho Regional Wastewater Authority, the Idaho Innovation Center, Bonneville Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Regional Development Alliance, Regional Economic Development for Idaho, and the Idaho Special Assistant United States Attorney Executive Committee.  He previously served as Chairman of the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce and also Chairman of the Upper Snake River Valley Chapter of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society.

Sean is married to Ammon native Jessi Grigg Coletti, and they have two sons, Jaydn and Sterling.  They love spending time together as a family, whether indoors or outdoors—traveling, exploring, playing sports and  games, or just having fun.  Sean and Jessi also enjoy performing music together, as Sean is a singer and Jessi is an accomplished pianist. Their son, Jaydn, is a pianist and composer, and Sterling is a budding artist.

State of the City 2018

Ammon neighbors, friends, and citizens, it is a humbling honor to stand before you today to give this State of the City Address.

There has never been a better, more exciting time to live in the City of Ammon.  We live in a safe, family-friendly community, with quality services, cultural activities and events, and a high quality of life, at low cost.  We are well served by exceptional, professional individuals, staffing all of our city departments.  They have worked extremely hard on projects both large and small, to make this community better.  I see it in each and every one of you—you do your work to make this community a little better every day.  And it is getting better every day.  In YOUR hands, I am really excited for the future of Ammon.

Ammon is guided by a Mission Statement, which is “To serve the public interest by proactively meeting the present and future needs of the community in a fiscally responsible manner.  Through leadership, education, public input, and organized planning efforts, we will maintain respect for our history, conserve our resources for the future, promote equality, and enhance the family friendly community of Ammon.”

I have seen the wonderful people who work for this City live out the Mission Statement in what they do.  Whether it has been the Public Works Department’s incredible work on Midway to replace and update water, wastewater, storm water infrastructure, road, curb and gutter and sidewalks, all at much less than what it would have cost to contract the job out, the fire department’s devotion to improving response times and increasing effectiveness across the board, our technology department wrapping up a highly successful Ammon Model fiber-to-the-home project LID #1 and moving into LID #2, the building department increasing pace with an extremely successful few years of building, parks and recreation enhancing the facilities at McCowin Park, Falcon Park and the rest of our great parks, our incredible office staff who work so skillfully with the public, our planning and engineering departments, upon which we rely so heavily, or our enforcement officer who enforces city code in areas from animals to water use to improper parking and is an essential component of our city functioning effectively—the devotion to the cause we set forth in the Mission Statement is so self-evident in all that you do.  I am so lucky to be a part of such professionals.

I just have to say, I’m stepping into this role after working closely with some very fine individuals on this Council.  We have a really great City Council who cares deeply about the community, and I look forward to moving forward together with their great, continued leadership.

I’m really excited for the future.  I think you will likely not disagree when I say that Ammon stands for innovation, leadership, thinking outside-the-box, creativity, ingenuity, hard work, and vision.  I see this in everything that you do.  We are striving and will strive to clear snow, provide water, sewer and sanitation services, or take care of Ammon roads better than the day before, and even better the day after that.  And all on a fiscally conservative budget and low property tax structure, which defines us.

As our Mission Statement says, we are and must think of the future.  Ammon will maintain and improve on its family-friendly, comfortable feel, while still leading the way on fiber-to-the-home and other high-technology of the future.  I look forward to working on ways to accelerate the fiber projects that have already been implemented as they go into new neighborhoods.

Ammon not only strives to take care of the basic city needs of sewer, water, sanitation and streets, but is looking at necessities in those areas in the future.  Water is a limited commodity, and we must be stewards of that commodity by preserving the water we have through smart measures and practices.  Within the next few years I intend to work closely with the council to implement a plan for improvements to our water system and water conservation that will benefit the entire community well into the future.  This plan has been developed by the council with the help of engineers and the review of a community water committee.  It is a high priority for our community that we take care of our present and future water supply, and I look forward to doing so with this council.  In this same vein, we will also continue to press for our legislature to provide better protections for municipal water rights.

I also believe we need to investigate ways that we can improve our funding for our city streets.  The fact is that our street needs are not adequately funded by state tax funds, gas tax or franchise fees.

Other areas should also be looked at.  It is time to reach a District solution for our regional sewer, to better improve efficiency and leadership.  We should consider growth needs on our fire department and parks department.  No matter where we are in any city department, we can always improve.

We must always be about improvement.  Let us never think we have reached our peak performance.

And finally, to the Ammon Citizen, to my neighbors and friends, I wish to conclude by speaking to you.  There is only so much that city government can do, or even should do.  Community is not city hall.  Community is all of us.  I call upon you, to come to City Council meetings, participate, be informed, and help us improve Ammon.  I call upon you to take ownership.  Are you involved in service organizations and clubs that serve the community?  Consider Rotary, Exchange Club, Kiwanis, Civitans, or other organizations.  Each does great things for community.  Ammon needs your service organizations.

Beautification committees and parks committees work to improve the look and feel of our green spaces.  Ammon could use these voluntary committees.  From my personal experience, I believe that Ammon has more residents trained in music, art and dance than most cities of its size.  Ammon could use an Arts and Culture Committee.

Nonprofits donate time, money, and energy to improving aspects of their community.  Ammon could use more nonprofit community organizations and more financial investment in community projects located in Ammon.

We have upcoming community open house meetings regarding our comprehensive plan, which we are updating and improving.  These are next Wednesday the 10th at Tiebreaker Elementary, Thursday the 11th at Ammon Elementary, and Wednesday the 17th at Mountain Valley Elementary.  All meetings run between 7-8:30 p.m., and you can come and go as you please.  These meetings are for you to express your ideas for how Ammon should look in the future.  Ammon needs your ideas.

President John F. Kennedy once used these immortal words: “ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”  I think it is not so bold to ask each citizen of Ammon not what Ammon can do for you, but what you can do for your community.  I have had the privilege to teach local Boy Scouts several times over the past eight years what it takes to be a good citizen.  One thing every Scout agrees on is that a commitment to service to the community is a necessity.  I truly hope that they learn and develop this commitment at an early age.  And now, I wish to ask it of each of you.

There are opportunities throughout the community for service, through service organizations, your church, or through the city.  If you cannot find the right opportunity to serve this community, Ammon, Idaho, create your own opportunities.

We do it each year, but later in the meeting I will again be proclaiming January 15, 2018 as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service in the City of Ammon, consistent with the King Holiday and Service Act enacted in 1994.  I call upon Ammon residents to consider January 15 as an opportunity to find a greater way to do acts of service throughout our City, taking a greater ownership in this great city we call home.

We have a lot to look forward to here.  I am honored and privileged to be considered your Mayor.  You inspire me, you lift me up.  Let’s rise together as we take on the challenges of the future, serve each other, and improve our community.  Now, let’s get to work.

Thank you
Mayor Sean J. Coletti

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