Just a reminder that the City of Ammon has a leash law requiring all dogs to be on leashes when off the owner’s property. Section 5-4-12 of the Ammon City Code requires leashing of your dog whenever you are on public property.  This would include all the parks in Ammon. We have begun receiving many complaints from walkers in the parks that dog owners are allowing their dogs to run wild in the parks. Unleashed dogs in the parks put you and your dog at risk. If your dog is unleashed while you are visiting a City park, it may result in you receiving a citation from an officer.

Some people that may be walking in the park are afraid of dogs and many people deliberately take their dogs where leashes are required so that they can feel safe walking them.

We love seeing everyone at the parks and want to encourage everyone to come and enjoy them.  Please bring your dogs and enjoy all they have to offer.