Update for residents of Midway:

Paving crews were able to get the first lift of asphalt completed from Sunnyside to 17th St. today, and are currently working on the second lift of asphalt on the West side of the St. They plan to continue working for the next couple of hours, but will not complete the entire second lift on the West side tonight. They will continue where they left off tomorrow morning and will complete it all the way to 17th St.

Once the West side is complete, they will immediately begin the East side. They have decided to begin again at Sunnyside Rd. and work toward 17th St. The same process will be done, with the first lift of asphalt being applied, followed by a second lift. We ask that any residents on the East side of Midway please park their cars on the West side of the street.

Again, once the crews have paved the street, we ask that you please wait 4 hours before driving on the asphalt. The final paving process should be completed by Friday afternoon. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this process.

Thank you